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  • How Important is Roof Sealant?

    mossy roof tiles close up

    When it comes to our homes, we all want a property that has that wow factor. A house is arguably the most valuable thing we will ever own, so it’s not uncommon to take great pride in its appearance. As a building that we spend the vast majority of our time in, making it an inviting living space is crucial. However, when we’re so concerned with enhancing the visual appeal of the interior, it can be easy to overlook the exterior of a home.

    It may not seem like a top priority when it comes to home improvements, but maintaining the roofing of your property effectively comes with numerous benefits. Aside from making your home look more refined from the outside, an appropriate roof sealant can also protect your home against the elements and even increase its monetary value. Far from being an unnecessary expenditure, having your roof painted with a specialist coating will keep your property protected no matter the weather, and will restore the exterior of your home to its former glory.

    Not entirely convinced? That’s where we come in! Here at Kingdom Coatings, we appreciate the need to understand the ins and outs of a service before investing in it. It’s all well and good being told you could benefit from a particular product, but what about the finer details? Below, we get down to the nitty-gritty of roof sealants and their benefits to ensure that you’ve got all the information you need before making that call.


    Protection against the elements: roof waterproofing

    We all want a roof that is going to shield us from adverse weather such as heavy rain and strong winds. However, a roof that is not properly protected can only take so much, and excessive damage can result in leaks and draughts. It’s true that small issues such as this can often be easily ignored, but what if the problem gets progressively worse? A weak or decaying roof can significantly affect the structural integrity of a property, so it’s important to nip any minor snags in the bud before they spiral out of control.

    It’s alarming to think that a roof could be one major thunderstorm away from being irreparable, so why not err on the side of caution with a roof sealant? As well as being a much cheaper alternative to a full re-tile, applying a protective waterproof coating to your roof can give you the peace of mind that you and your family will be adequately protected against adverse weather conditions for years to come. A severely damaged roof could result in all kinds of costly home repair jobs- a water stained ceiling may need to be replastered and mould from excessive dew will require specialist treatment. With this in mind, making sure your property’s roof is adequately sealed could save you hundreds of pounds down the line.

    When deciding which coating is appropriate for your home, it’s important to consider what sort of roof you have. A flat roof does not have a slope which can sometimes result in rain water collecting and puddling in certain spots. With this in mind, you must select a specific flat roof sealant that is resistant to excessive water. A flat roof coating may be made or applied differently, so it’s worth conversing with a professional in depth to ensure you’re getting the correct treatment for your roof type.

    Here at Kingdom Coatings, we use RENOTEC: an affordable microporous water-based membrane coating. It works to repel water but the pores simultaneously allow your roof to breathe, preventing a build up of condensation. To find out more about the benefits that come with using RENOTEC, click here to visit our website.


    Roof coating and kerb appeal

    Whether you’re looking to sell your property on, or you simply want to make it stand out from the crowd, a roof sealant will enhance the exterior of any and every home. A roof is one of the first things that someone will notice when viewing your property, so it pays to ensure that it’s visually appealing.

    Applying a protective sealant to your roof tiles will stop them being damaged by severe weather and substances such as smoke, thereby increasing their lifespan. With this in mind, you could have tiles that look brand new all year round, keeping your home looking fresh and refined. Not only will this make it more appealing to potential buyers, but it could also increase its value! In order to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible for your property, it can often pay to spend a little on home repairs and renovation. This may seem like an expenditure you can’t afford during this time, but if it enables you to sell your property at a higher price, surely it’s a no-brainer?

    When it comes to altering the appearance of a property, it’s imperative to make sure that any changes that are made suit the building in question. It’s all well and good renovating your home to inject some life back into it, but if you implement changes that are not in keeping with the style of the house, it can be a disaster. Here at Kingdom Coatings, we stock coatings in a variety of different colours to ensure there truly is something for everyone. Our coatings also contain UV inhibitors to ensure they don’t fade or discolour over time.  A roof with a fresh finish that matches the rest of the home’s exterior will look sleek and elegant, thereby increasing its kerb appeal.


    Coating for external walls

    Although a roof is indeed the first line of defence against torrential rain or harmful UV rays, our homes can indeed be at risk from all angles. With this in mind, it could be worth having a wall coating applied to match your roof sealant. A strong exterior wall coating will make the entirety of your home more resistant against external forces whilst enhancing the visual appeal of the building. Although applied to the outside of your home, this coating will stop water from penetrating the bricks and will therefore protect the interior of your property as well. Damp can cause unsightly stains, facilitate the growth of mould and can even result in a wall needing to be replastered. With this in mind, damp proofing exterior walls could save you a lot of hassle down the line, not to mention time and money!

    Similarly to roof sealants, an appropriately coloured water repellent wall coating will significantly add to the external appeal of your home. As well as being resistant against all sorts of water damage, the coating has a special finish that stops dirt and dust particles from settling. With time and excessive bad weather, external walls can begin to fade and look tired. However, a protective coating eliminates this worry as it is resistant to discolouration and weather damage, enabling the outside of your home to look fresh and clean all year round.

    Here at Kingdom Coatings, we pride ourselves on our affordable and durable roof and wall coating services. Being based in Scotland, we are extremely familiar with the detrimental effects that adverse weather conditions can have on a property. That’s why we strive to make sure that whatever the season, your home is protected all year round.

    Our coatings are offered with a 10 year guarantee and they come in 8 different colours to ensure that the style of your home is not compromised. Far from simply shielding your property from the elements, our coatings will make your home look sleek and stylish and when it comes to selling up, you may even be able to make a profit! If you’d like to find out about the services we offer in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our team will gladly answer any questions you may have. For a roof restoration service in Scotland that truly leaves no stone unturned, look no further than Kingdom Coatings.



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